Personal Loan (Bank)

A personal loan is granted to the borrower to meet the requirements of immediate personal needs. These loans may be acquired for a variety of purposes like home renovation, credit card payments or some family function like marriage etc. You can almost do everything with the money, as long as you pay off the installments in time.

Personal loans are of two types
 Secured loans
 Unsecured loans

In secured loans, you will have to pledge some collateral like your assets etc. while no collateral is required to avail unsecured loans. The latter category of personal loan in Delhi is granted to the borrowers on the basis of their financial standings and repayment capacity. Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) keeps records of your credit history and gives you credit rating based on your past credit card and loan repayment transactions. Your credit history is taken into consideration by some money lenders and it plays a crucial role in the acceptance or rejection of your loan application, especially if it is adverse.

We specialise in providing the right unsecured loans of up to Rs. 40 Lacs to our clients and work directly with the lenders. We have access to one of the most comprehensive unsecured lender panels in Delhi/NCR, many of whom cannot be found on loan comparison sites. Personal Loan is available for Salaried and Self Employed like Doctors, software engineers, Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Businessmen.

Our research capabilities and capital market Expertise enable us to design and execute customized investment strategies for our clients. Client satisfaction is our focal point. Innovative service offerings help grow our institutional knowledge and serve as a platform to enhance our values of excellence while keeping us on the cutting edge of global finance.

The features & advantage of Personal loan are as follows:
 Easy repayment option within 12 to 60 months
 Very low rate of interest
 Instant and hassle free Loan approval
 Loan up to Rs. 40 Lacs according to your needs
 Maximum eligibility of your income
 Doorstep document pickup facility
 No Guarantor/No collateral/No Security required
 Minimum Documentation
 Special Rate for corporate salary customers