Low CIBIL Loan (Only In Delhi NCR)

First Asked Questions

Q. What is the Low CIBIL Loan?

A. It’s a Guarantee/Collateral Based Loan.

Q. I am CIBIL Defaulter. Can I get the Loan?

A. No, you’re Not Able to get the loan.

Q. Which Type of Guarantee Consider for loan?

A. Salaried to Salaried & Property Mortgages Loan for Self-Employed*.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for availing Low CIBIL Loan?

A. The eligibility criteria depend on various parameters like your salary, company you are working for, Firm Turnover, Property Value etc. You can borrow loan upto Rs. 25 lakhs. For example: if your salary is Rs. 1 lakh per month then you may get loan for Rs. 25 lakhs for 12 to 120 Months.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum tenure for repayment of Low CIBIL Loan?

A. The tenure ranges from *12 months to *120 Months & final Decision Depend on Credit Department. *T&C APPLY.

Q. What is the Minimum Salary/Turnover Required for Loan?

A. We required minimum Net Salary 30K per month for salaried & 50 Lakhs Turnover for Self-Employed.

Q. Is there an option of prepayment/fore-closure of Low CIBIL Loan?

A. Yes you can prepay your loan after 12 months with charges as applicable by some lenders and some are not.

Q. From which month my EMI will be start deducting from my account?

A. The EMI will start from the second month of loan disbursal. For example, if your loan gets disbursed on 1st May, then your EMI will start from 1st week of July.

Q. Will the loan amount be credited in my account?

A. Some our lenders directly transferred loan to your bank account and some are not.

Q. Who can get Low CIBIL Loan?

A. We provide Loan for salaried/Self-Employed.*.

Q. Are you providing Low CIBIL Loan out of Delhi/NCR?

A. We do not provide loan out of Delhi/NCR.

Q. Which type of property should be considered as collateral?

A. Residential, Commercial, Shops, Industrial.

*Terms & Condition Apply

(Before Apply please consult with us for Terms & Condition of loan)